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What We Do

Construction Project Management and Engineering form JPI’s core business. Detailed design management, coordination and project control systems are guided by an in-depth understanding of project constraints and opportunities from the smallest construction detail to overall project perspective.
As an expert within construction and project management, JPI performs countless functions within the project design and construction discipline. The following list demonstrates our breadth of expertise and range of services.


Project & Cost Management Services


  • Due Diligence

  • Building construction project management

  • Project management plan preparation

  • Consultant team selection and engagement

  • Project brief development and needs analysis

  • Design management

  • Contractor selection and appointment

  • Tendering procedures and protocols

  • Procurement controls and contracts

  • Contract administration

  • Project monitoring and auditing

  • Cost control, Project commissioning and handover

  • Construction supervision.

  • Time Management,

  • Cost Management,

  • Quality Management,

  • Project management for architects


Architectural Services


  • Project Feasibility and Budgeting

  • Concept Design

  • Contract Drawings

  • Computer generated images

  • Project architecture

  • Interior design

  • Space planning

  • Architect project management

Mechanical, Electrical & Hydraulic Engineering Services


  • Order of magnitude project costing

  • Engineering design and documentation

  • Contractor tender coordination

  • Design and construction

  • Quality control and supervision

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